The Enver Maliqi Foundation has donated packages to single mothers in Pristina, Kosovo.

March 28, 2024
Фондацијата Енвер Малиќи донираше пакети за самохраните мајки во Приштина, Косово

The Enver Maliqi Foundation is initiating its humanitarian mission in Pristina, Kosovo, where it is currently directing its attention towards single mothers and their children.
“Our mission is clear – to help those in need, not only with words but also with deeds. In cooperation with our staff and the local association dedicated to these women, we have provided packages full of food, offering support to courageous single mothers who confront the challenges of raising their children alone every day,” says Nina Sherifovska, Director of the Enver Maliqi Foundation.
The Foundation emphasizes that human values are not solely measured by words but are reflected in the execution of good deeds.
“These families are now secure with our support. We will continue to collaborate with the local organization because we recognize that our obligation should not be just a one-time occurrence but a continuous effort. The action came at the right time, providing food for children, especially during the month of Ramadan.”
The Foundation extends gratitude to everyone who was part of this significant mission. Every act of kindness changes lives.

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